Sell more cars using Facebook

10 reasons to advertise your dealership on Facebook

Sell more cars using Facebook

The days of relying solely on newspaper and classified advertising to drive footfall are fast fading. Whereas once these methods formed the core marketing activities of most dealerships, Facebook is now the place to be to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Here are our 10 reasons why your business should be using it to advertise.


Facebook advertising is still a relatively new concept for the motor trade. Whilst many manufacturers and large dealer groups have began to embrace this pioneering platform, the majority of independent dealerships and smaller franchises are yet to tap into it. This provides you with a golden opportunity to steal a march on the competition and increase market share.


The sheer volume of regular Facebook users within a 20 mile radius of your dealership is staggering, spiralling into the tens or even hundreds of thousands. With the potential to reach such vast numbers, you have the ability to maximise brand awareness amongst local consumers – a large chunk of which may go on to become your next customers.


For optimum effectiveness and return on investment, your messages should be laser targeted to the key demographics of those who are in the market for your marques.

Facebook has more targeting options than any other platform. Its variables range from age, gender, interests, behaviours and income to job title, employer, income, current vehicle classification and as far as likelihood of buying a new or used car.

You can really drill down with these capabilities and even layer them on top of each other to eliminate any questionable, out-of-market clickers. The possibilities are almost unlimited so it’s just a case of finding the right combination.

To illustrate its precision, as an example a prestige used car dealership could target only:

  • Company Directors
  • Aged between 31 – 60
  • Within a 10km radius
  • Who have an interest in golf and supercars
  • Are married
  • Who currently own an executive or luxury model
  • Have indicated that their next purchase will be a used model
  • And earn more than £100,000 per year


The main objective for any form of advertising is to generate those all-important enquiries. Not only does Facebook have a plethora of different advertising platforms, it also allows you to incorporate interactive call-to-actions based on whether you wish to increase page likes, generate video views or drive traffic to a landing page.


Need help turning engagement into clicks and enquiries? Click here.



Rather than waiting for your next customers to contact you, Facebook allows us to interrupt their buying cycles and is therefore an extremely proactive method for attracting new business. Even if these consumers may not have considered changing their vehicle just yet, you have the ability to plant the seed and position your business as their go-to dealership by combining engaging creatives with extensive targeting.


You can now target lapsed customers using Facebook’s Custom Audiences feature by uploading the data from your DMS. Yes, really! Whether they’re likely to be starting the buying cycle again or are simply due a service or MOT, a series of strategically placed ads will enable you to bring them back time after time.


Once you’ve found your ideal audience, you can clone them with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences, by targeting NEW people who have similar attributes and therefore who are likely to be interested in your business.

In addition to this, there is also the mighty Conversion Pixel tool. A conversion pixel is a string of code placed on your website which is used to report conversions, build audiences and gain rich insights about the customer journeys. Visitors can then be retargeted with a clever ad campaign based on their content viewed.

Facebook advertising for car dealers - sell more cars using Facebook

Above: Facebook Lead Ads campaign which we created for Safe and Sound as part of a nationwide iniative to generate tangible leads for their dealerships



Lead Ads (above) is Facebook’s ultimate knock out closing platform. The idea of a Lead Ad is to capture those who have previously engaged with your content but may not have enquired.

Unlike regular Facebook Ads, Lead Ads are delivered via a mini landing page and customisable form that is pre-populated with the information the audience has supplied to Facebook. Interested buyers can submit their details in as little as two taps, which triggers the enquiry to your business page as a hot lead ready to follow up.


In their quest to take on YouTube, Facebook have tweaked their algorithm so video posts are now being given priority over static ads and shown to a much larger audience. With a variety of brilliant video features, potential buyers can engage with your brand on a deeper level from right within their newsfeed.


As if it couldn’t get any better, Facebook represents the single most affordable marketing platform available to the motor trade – with advertising starting from just £1 per day. To put it into perspective, one month’s classifieds spend will typically cover your Facebook advertising for an entire year!


Our skilled team create winning strategies that maximise leads, enquiries and sales through Facebook advertising, dealer videos and search engine optimisation. Please contact us to find out more.


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