Facebook advertising for car dealers

Pressing the pedal to the metal with our high performance Facebook advertising services.

Facebook is without doubt the single most effective way to promote your dealership to thousands of local in-market vehicle buyers. Using a powerful blend of its highest impact tools, a series of engaging creatives and pinpoint precision targeting, we will create a winning strategy that maximises your leads, enquiries and sales – for a fraction of the cost of the classified sites. Infact to put it into perspective, one month’s classified spend will typically cover your Facebook advertising costs for an entire year!

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Maximising Enquiries

With 1.49 billion users worldwide, 22 billion ad clicks per year, advertising starting from as little as £1 per day and a whole host of unique targeting options, Facebook Ads represents the largest marketing opportunity since Google Adwords.

But when we say Facebook advertising, we don’t mean simply setting a budget and pressing the boost button. Infact out of all of Facebook’s tools, this is the least effective method for generating enquiries! We’re talking a knock out blend of cross-platform advertising, laser targeted audiences, compelling creatives, call-to-actions and extensive tracking to generate measurable leads for your business.

By combining the Facebook Ads, Custom Audiences, Lookalike Audiences and Lead Ads tools, our team will deliver your messages only to the audiences most likely to buy the marques you stock. This not only ensures that each campaign generates the best quality and volume of enquiries, but also means your advertising budget stretches even further.

For the ultimate ammunition, pair your Facebook advertising campaign with our TV quality car dealer videos.

How we generated 15,000 clicks and record enquiries

The above Facebook adverts were created to promote Safe and Sound – the flagship used car product from leading warranty provider WMS Group.

Featuring the company’s two celebrity endorsees, Sir Stirling Moss and former Stig, Ben Collins, we developed a series of regionalised and national campaigns targeted to buyers who were in the market for a used car and based on their demographics.

The ads reached 500,000 buyers and generated over 300,000 video views, resulting in 15,000 website clickthroughs and a significant uplift in enquiries for their dealer network.

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